Commutatus partners with ambitious entrepreneurs, startups, and corporates in various industries to conceptualize, design, and build digital products. We are the team that companies like AIESEC, MyCaptain, NADIM, and others hire to get things done.

Over the past years, we’ve gained substantial experience not just in building platforms, but also in doing it the right way. The platforms that we build now are both super malleable, and easy to scale. Our vision at Commutatus is, To bring tomorrow closer to today, and we aspire to achieve that for more than one client at a time.

Take a look at why you should work here!

What you would do at Commutatus


We are looking for a Finance Manager to oversee all financial aspects of the company. The ideal candidate will be responsible for financial planning, analysis, and reporting, as well as managing day-to-day financial operations. The Finance Manager will play a crucial role in supporting strategic decision-making and ensuring the long-term financial health of the organization.


Financial Compliance and Governance:

Develop and maintain financial policies, procedures, and controls to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and best practices, including government regulations such as taxation, labor laws, and financial reporting standards.

Financial Planning and Budgeting:

Prepare and analyze financial statements, budgets, and forecasts to provide insights into the company's financial performance. Develop budget strategies aligned with company goals and objectives.

Cash Flow Management and Payment Follow-ups

Monitor cash flow, liquidity, and financial risks, and develop strategies to optimize financial resources. Implement effective payment follow-up procedures to minimize late payments and improve cash flow management.

Invoice Generation and Bookkeeping:

Manage invoice generation and bookkeeping processes, ensuring accurate and timely recording of financial transactions. Oversee accounts payable and accounts receivable functions, and reconcile accounts as needed.

Financial Reporting and Compliance:

Manage financial reporting processes, including monthly, quarterly, and annual reporting to senior management and external stakeholders. Ensure accurate and timely submission of Income Tax Returns, Provident Fund, Profession Tax, Financial Statements, other regulatory filings and filing of GST returns. Ensure reconciliation of sales and purchases, along with the reconciliation of GST returns - GSTR 1, GSTR 3B, and GSTR 2A/2B. Prepare and file the annual return GSTR 9 and conduct annual reconciliations.

Collaboration and Internal Support:

Coordinate with internal departments to ensure accurate and timely recording of financial transactions and proper allocation of resources. Provide guidance and support to department heads on financial matters.

Financial Analysis and Strategic Planning:

Conduct financial analysis and modeling to support business initiatives, decisions, and strategic planning. Identify opportunities for cost optimization and revenue enhancement.

External Relations and Audit Management:

Collaborate with external auditors, tax advisors, and regulatory agencies to ensure compliance with statutory requirements. Manage relationships with financial institutions, vendors, and other external partners.

What you need to have

We are not big on credentials. A Finance degree, or graduating from a prestigious university is not something we spend much time looking at. We care about what you can do and how you do it, not how you got there.

Absolute Requirements

  1. You are open to working remotely.
  2. You have exceptional communication skills.
  3. You are resourceful - we don’t expect you to know all the answers right away, but we want you to research, and learn on the go to get the job done right.
  4. You can identify problems around you, and independently propose solutions to these problems. We love independent problem-solvers and encourage all our employees to suggest changes to streamline our processes.
  5. You are organised, and structured.
  6. A strong understanding of Financial practices and compliances.

Skills and experiences we’d like to see

  1. You have a track record of success in financial management and analysis.
  2. You have strong knowledge of accounting principles, financial regulations, and reporting standards. Familiarity with government compliance requirements is essential.
  3. You are proficient in financial budgeting, and forecasting techniques. Experience in developing and implementing budget strategies is highly desirable.
  4. You have analytical, problem-solving, and decision-making skills. Ability to interpret financial data and provide actionable insights.
  5. You have good communication and interpersonal skills, with the ability to effectively communicate financial information to non-financial stakeholders.
  6. Experience in the technology or software development industry is a plus.

What we can give you

  • Performance and compensation reviews yearly.
  • The freedom to learn and grow in the company.
  • A supportive team who’ll help you when you are stuck.
  • A learning path, feedback, and resources to take you to the next step in your career.
  • A safe space to explore your varied interests.
  • A platform to explore and understand different domains.
  • An invested interest in your well-being. All our employees benefit from generous health insurance and unlimited sick leaves.
  • The space for you to have a healthy work-life balance.

Reality check

These preliminary questions will let you know if you fit our requirements.

  1. Do you love freedom, and flexibility in your work?
  2. Do you seek out opportunities, and learn something new each day?
  3. Are you a great communicator?
  4. Do you make an effort to ensure quality on everything you ship out, such that you are proud to have your stamp on it?

If you align with everything we’ve said, we are interested!

Salary Bracket

INR 3,60,000 to 4,80,000